Schadstoffe am Arbeitsplatz

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Testing and Assessment of Interior Spaces

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Monitoring and Assessment of External Air

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Schadstoffe bei Bauprojekten

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International Cooperation

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Sustainability Strategy

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Life Cycle Assessment

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Radon: Messung und Sanierungsbegleitung

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Training and Expertise

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Schadstoffe in der Innenraumluft

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System Modelling

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Environmental consulting by area of expertise

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Schadstoffe in der Aussenluft

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Your specialist for the core areas “Environmental Consulting” and “Pollutants”

Would you like to produce your products sustainably in the future or would you like competent environmental advice about your company? Then Carbotech AG is your experienced contact! Among other things, we provide decision bases in the form of life cycle assessments, material flow analyses and further system analyses, so that you can reduce the pollutant load. Furthermore, pollutant investigations and measurements of real estate belong to our field of activity. We can draw on more than three decades of experience to not only measure the concentrations of pollutants at workplaces, in living areas and in the outside air, but also to develop meaningful measurement strategies, to interpret different results sensibly and to recommend sustainable measures. We also stand for profound, wide-ranging know-how in the area of environmental consulting: We support our customers in environmental issues in the areas of energy, information technology and electronics, food, recycling and waste recycling, resource efficiency, packaging as well as forestry, wood, paper and cardboard.

Carbotech AG was founded in 1987 in Basel. Since then, we have accompanied and advised companies, the public sector and other organisations on environmental issues – always efficiently, objectively and independently. Our core competencies are in the areas of pollutants and environmental consulting. Ecodesign plays an important role in environmental consulting. It pursues the goal of using the available resources intelligently with minimal environmental impact in such a way that the greatest possible benefit is achieved for all the players involved in the value chain. On the other hand, we are also at your disposal for special questions or measurements and evaluations under difficult conditions. We will always find an adequate solution and are happy to accompany your project!

Life cycle assessments for environmentally optimised solutions

Due to globalization, we can easily access products from all over the world. But this does not necessarily have to be positive in every case, because the use of a product in this country can lead to environmental problems in other places. In order to reliably assess these overall environmental impacts through processes, operations, products or services, meaningful life cycle assessments are suitable – as a basis for an optimized environmental strategy. We have a modular, standardized procedure at our disposal to first create a simple life cycle assessment (also life cycle analysis) and then carry out in-depth clarifications and calculations if required. We look at and evaluate emissions and resource consumption quantitatively over the entire life cycle. In addition, our expertly trained employees also analyse important indicators (KPI) in this context, such as the carbon footprint of a product, in order to better define and elaborate your company’s climate strategy.

Measurement, analysis and minimization of your air pollutants

Air pollutants have a negative impact on the health of all living organisms and can also have an impact on the climate or the entire environment. Since the investigation of the concentration of different impurities in living areas, workplaces and outside air has always been one of our core areas, we always deliver excellent results when it comes to accompanying you in the implementation of comprehensive measures. Whether outdoor or indoor air measurement – our experts analyse and assess the desired area of application for various pollutants and provide answers to your occupational hygiene questions. We have always stood for innovative solutions and continuous further development of our methods.

From pollutant assessments to the refurbishment of your buildings

Our services also include building diagnostics with regard to their pollution by substances such as asbestos, PCB, CP, PAH, wood preservatives and heavy metals as well as radon (see also: Radon measurement). Since we aim to sensitize property managers, architects, building owners and building users to possible sources of pollutants in their buildings by means of targeted training courses, we conduct training courses every year. Our diagnostics team carries out building checks and building screenings and prepares numerous pollutant reports annually for industrial properties, office buildings, schools, hospitals and residential buildings. Our services also include the remediation planning and specialist remediation site management of a pollutant remediation project. Our experienced team will gladly support you in the implementation of your projects and can look back on a wealth of experience from many successful projects .

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Do you have any questions or would you like a personal consultation? Our approximately 30 experts from the fields of environmental sciences, chemistry, physics, architecture, civil engineering, biology and economics are pleased about your interest: Please contact us either by e-mail or by telephone in our offices in Basel or Zurich. Alternatively, if your topic concerns a specific subject area, you can find the contact details of each individual employee on our website.

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