Environmental consulting

Training and Expertise

Carbotech has been involved in environmental education and training for more than 20 years. In addition, we also carry out audits.

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For 20 years, we have been active in training and presentations to firms and universities.


  • We offer internal corporate training programmes in the areas of environmental management and Life Cycle Assessments. Primary focus lies on the conduct of Life Cycle Assessments or their interpretation and on the handling of results.


  • We make presentations to various tertiary institutions (FHNW, ZHAW, HS­LU, PHW) and sector associations (Swiss­mem, SAQ) on the subjects of Environmental Management and Life Cycle Assessments, with a particular focus on the introduction to and implementation of Life Cycle Assessments. We utilise practical case studies from our own activities. These cover methodological aspects or especially current issues such as biofuels, packaging, re­cy­cling and disposal, plastics, al­ter­na­ti­ve energy sources, and many more.


  • On request, we would be happy to hold seminars and workshops on the subjects of Environmental Management and Life Cycle Assessments.
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A society can contribute to the protection of the environment through laws, agreements or labels. In practice, it must be ensured that the implementation of standards complies with the regulations. For this reason, Carbotech AG has been conducting audits for many years. In the environmental sector, it controls compliance with legal requirements or recycling quotas, avoiding pollutant emissions etc.

Auditing means listening: If standards can not be adhered to, the first step is to search for pragmatic solutions.