Sectoral environmental consulting

The environmental consulting team at Carbotech has developed a profound know-how in various specialist areas. Our many years of experience enable us to efficiently support customers on environmentally relevant issues and to provide decision-making for sustainable solutions.

We approach innovative or particularly challenging questions in an innovative manner and seek pragmatic solutions. We remain objective and independent, do not lose sight of the relevant issues, set priorities, recommend suitable methods and accompany our customers in the realization of the measures.

Your benefit:

  • Recognize the relevant environmental impacts of your products and services or your company as a basis for sustainable solutions
  • Optimize your production and promote innovation in your company
  • Motivation of your employees for resource-conserving behavior through training and awareness-raising measures
  • Lower energy consumption by increasing energy efficiency
  • Use the findings as a basis for sound communication of your environmental performance
  • Project management of high quality and efficiency thanks to long-term employees

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Contact persons

Cornelia Stettler

+41 61 206 95 33

In the sector of energy, we offer you consulting services on two levels: energy policy and its implementation for municipalities and cantons, as well as restoration design for building contractors.

We develop energy concepts and energy policy measures for a 2000-Watt-Society in collaboration with environmental agencies, energy cities, energy commissions or municipal authorities. We support our clients during the implementation and monitoring phase until their individual energy goals have been reached.

We plan building energy renovations with constructors and accompany their implementation. We support house builders in order to reach a high renovation quality with the lowest possible energy consumption for their building.

Contact person

Mischa Zschokke

+41 44 444 20 15

Electronic products and electronics are an important part of our everyday life. Our experience in the ecological assessment of these products is based on self-conducted studies and on the daily use of the corresponding products and services. Electronic products often have potential for optimization in the area of ​​energy consumption or resource use. With our great background knowledge, we are able to address the relevant problems in a targeted manner and to efficiently deal with your questions.

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Agricultural products contribute more than a third to our environmental footprint. Thanks to several environmental studies in the field of renewable raw materials (NaWaRo) and food we have a broad experience and know the environmental problems associated with it. Between the poles of land use, production intensity, water scarcity, working conditions and food waste, small optimizations also have a great leverage effect. For your problems and questions we use the most effective method from our experience.

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Als Experten können wir Sie im Bereich Ressourceneffizienz unterstützen. Unsere Beratungsarbeit in der Schweiz wird dabei vom Bundesamt für Umwelt BAFU über das Netzwerk Ressourceneffizienz (siehe finanziell unterstützt. Das BAFU möchte die Umsetzung von Ressourceneffizienzmassnahmen in der Industrie steigern. Interessant sind deshalb laufende und neue Projekte und Vorhaben, welche darauf fokussieren, Material- und Energieeinsatz und somit auch die Kostenstruktur zu verbessern. Insbesondere bei den KMUs, dem Rückgrat der Schweizer Wirtschaft, sind grosse Effizienzpotentiale vorhanden. Untersuchungen haben gezeigt, dass Unternehmen ihre Ressourceneffizienz innerhalb von zehn Jahren um 25-30 Prozent verbessern können.

Unsere Expertenleistung wird vom BAFU mit einem Auftragsumfang von  5 Manntagen finanziell unterstützt. Aufgrund unserer Erfahrung kann mit diesem Arbeitsumfang schon viel erreicht werden: Wenn man zum richtigen Zeitpunkt in der Produktentwicklung, in der Beschaffung oder beim Optimieren der Produktionsprozesse Verbesserungsmassnahmen erkennt und die richtigen Massnahmen festlegt, kann einiges an Umweltressourcen und meistens auch an Geld eingespart werden sowie die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit erhöht werden. Hier möchten wir interessierte Firmen unterstützen.

Dank professioneller Beratung direkt vor Ort und erprobten Tools wie der Potentialanalyse oder BasicLCA können wir Ihre Effizienzpotentiale rasch erfassen und realisieren. Dabei analysieren wir zuerst die vorhandenen Potentiale, berechnen die ökologisch-ökonomische Wirtschaftlichkeit und priorisieren zusammen mit Ihnen die wichtigsten Massnahmen. Nach erfolgter Umsetzung erhalten Sie eine Zusammenstellung der erzielten Umweltwirkung.

Ihr Nutzen:

  • Gesteigerte Wettbewerbsfähigkeit
  • Effizienzgewinne und tiefere Materialkosten
  • Geringere Abhängigkeit von volatilen Rohstoffpreisen
  • Zugang zu vergünstigter Beratung und Know-How

Was bieten wir im Zusammenhang mit

  • Identifikation von Effizienzsteigerungspotenzialen
  • Erstellung von Massnahmenplänen und Begleitung von deren Umsetzung
  • Professionelle Beratung
  • Erfassung der Umweltwirkung der umgesetzten Massnahmen als Grundlage für z.B. Ihre Nachhaltigkeitsberichterstattung
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Packaging is perceived primarily as waste. Accordingly, they are problematically discussed in public. The environmental benefits of packaging are often neglected because they have a protective function and make products transportable and durable at all. In over thirty packaging studies, we have used our experience in this field. A few of our findings on packaging show: There is not THE most ecological packaging.The content is often much more polluting than the packaging.The use of a packaging which protects the content, makes it storable and easy to transport, is higher than the environmental impact of the packaging itself.Therefore, design for recycling is only secondary. While a clever and light compound packaging may not be recyclable, but is still the more sustainable solution as a recyclable mono- pack.Packaging-related transport differences are enormous, but not as relevant overall as seen.The individual shopping transport is much more decisive than the packaging of products.

Contact person

Daniela Zumstein

+41 61 206 95 55

In our everyday life products made of wood and paper are indispensable. The renewable raw material continues to enjoy great demand, which in turn puts pressure on the resource wood. We have extensive experience in environmental assessment of wood, paper and forest management systems. In the area of tension between sustainable forest use, FSC wood plantations, forest clearing, wood processing, paper consumption and thermal utilisation of wood, we accompany you with efficient advice and find the optimum solutions.