Carbotech AG was founded in Basel in 1987. Since then, it has advised and accompanied companies, the public sector and other organisations on environmental issues. Today, the two core areas “environmental consulting” and “pollutants” are at the centre of the services offered.

During its 32 years of existence, Carbotech AG has developed continuously – the common thread is always the focus on personal responsibility, flexibility, appreciation of customers and employees and transparent communication. As early as 2016, Carbotech AG focused on agility as part of its 2020 strategy development. When in 2017 the forerunners of a generation change in management became apparent, Carbotech AG took advantage of this change to think about new organizational forms. Inspired by agile organizational forms, it distributed responsibility among several people and regulated their powers through clearly defined “roles”. After very positive experiences in the course of this pilot project, the management and the board of directors decided at the beginning of 2019 to introduce “Holacracy” as an organizational form for the entire Carbotech AG. From September 2019 it will operate under this new “operating system” – it will allow it to respond even more flexibly and agilely to customer needs and reflects the high level of identification of employees with Carbotech AG.

Carbotech AG offers services in the field of environmental and pollutant consulting. The employees in the environmental consulting division provide a basis for decision-making in the form of life cycle assessments, material flow analyses and other system analyses. In addition, they accompany international environmental projects and compile environmental and sustainability indicators for companies. The pollutant teams measure gases as well as fibrous and other particles in the air, analyse material samples and develop measures to prevent and reduce pollution. They examine buildings for pollutants and plan and support the remediation of contaminated buildings. Experts measure, analyse and assess outside air and indoor air for various pollutants and answer occupational hygiene questions.

Carbotech AG has continued to evolve – not only professionally but also in terms of its organisational structure. In 2019, the then Executive Board and the Board of Directors decided to introduce holacracy. This form of organisation distributes responsibility among all employees and regulates their powers through clearly defined “roles”. The agile operating system makes it possible to respond even more flexibly and quickly to customer needs and also reflects the high level of identification of employees with Carbotech AG.

Carbotech AG is independent – because it is owned by its employees. This makes it the right partner – for companies in the private sector as well as for public administrations and development or environmental organisations. Today, around 30 specialists from the fields of environmental sciences, chemistry, physics, architecture, civil engineering, biology and economics work in our two offices in Basel and Zurich.

Carbotech AG’s quality management system was ISO 9001:2008 certified from 2001 to 2016. Quality assurance despite withdrawal from ISO 9001 certification

We pay a lot of attention to our vision and our values and are very anxious to live and develop them further.

Board of Directors:
Thomas Kägi
Christoph Moser
Cornelia Stettler
Noa Zoller


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