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Carbotech supports you in the development of an integrated sustainability strategy

Beyond the classical range of sustainability consulting services, we want to support actors in breaking new ground – by developing innovative, unconventional and courageous strategies based on the understanding of entire systems.

We support our clients in fundamentally improving their sustainability performance. To us, sustainability, above all, means future-proof. Economic, ecological and social influences and goals must be carefully considered and integrated for projects and solutions to be successful in the long run.

Why choose Carbotech?

  • Our interdisciplinary team of experts with backgrounds in the natural sciences, social sciences and economics is taking a systems-thinking approach – allowing for the best possible harmonization of economic, social and ecological goals
  • We put science into practice and are just as experienced in strategy development as we are in defining meaningful KPIs and science-based targets
  • We have a large knowledge database on environmental impacts and a broad network of experts at our disposal
  • We offer innovative approaches – system modelling, fuzzy set theory, social life cycle analysis or eco design – to name just a few
  • We understand the power of communication and think about the interaction with stakeholders holistically
  • We are creative and keen to experiment and tackle tasks for which there is no solution yet
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Finding out where you stand today and how the discussion on sustainability affects you

Consulting approaches:

  • Defining your current situation
  • Benchmarking and gap analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Expert interviews
  • Trainings and workshops on sustainability topics