Plastic recycling and thermal utilisation

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With the aim of plastic recycling, various initiatives have sprung up in Switzerland in recent years. In the meantime, even industry experts hardly have an overview of which institution actually collects which type and quantity of plastics, what costs are involved, and what actually happens with these plastics.

The KuRVe project has the objective of illuminating the current disposal or recovery routes for separately collected plastics, e.g. the various collection sack systems, dispensing in disposal yards or the retail trade. These are assessed both ecologically with the method of life cycle assessment and economically, in order to obtain a basis for deciding which type of recovery makes the most sense under the given circumstances. In particular, this should provide the cantons and communities with the necessary basis for an informed decision. The project is being carried out in collaboration with UMTEC and ETH Zurich (Ecological Systems Design Division ESD), with Carbotech responsible for project management and environmental analysis.


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