Artistes-éclairs: Innovative photovoltaic product distribution channel in Burkina Faso

Contact persons

Cornelia Stettler

+41 61 206 95 33

By training theater artists in solar technologies and marketing then integrating them into the solar products and services sales sectors, the synergy between art and technology opens up an innovative distribution channel for PV products to all population segments in Burkina Faso. These sales, integrated into a broad and cohesive people network, must make it possible to develop a free market for high quality photovoltaic articles. In managing and coordinating this project, Carbotech has created the link between Burkina Faso and Switzerland, and the technical-commercial and artistic aspects, too. The REPIC funding concerns activities related to organization, guidance related to technology, environmental impact and entrepreneurship.

The Artistes-éclairs project was developed jointly by Carbotech employees and their partner in Burkina Faso. The co-financing is secured by Carbotech AG, contributions from the local partners and the association Tournesol. The latter finances amongst other things the realization of a theatrical tour with solar energy.

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2018, Start 2016