Calculation tool for company balance sheet and decision making

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What ecological benefits does ERZ (Entsorgung + Recycling Zürich) provide with its services of urban cleaning, refuse incineration, wastewater treatment and district heating supply of clean water and Zurich heat, and what changes will be achieved with further optimisation? To answer these questions, a calculation tool was developed for the activities of ERZ. It can be used to analyse the various activities on the basis of life cycle assessments. In this way, the various activities of the ERZ are recorded and corresponding environmental impacts calculated. The Life Cycle Assessment includes an operational balance sheet of the ERZ, but goes beyond this by recording and evaluating the effects outside the operational limits using the life cycle assessment method. In addition, the ecological benefit is determined by comparing it with a reference state in which only the legal minimum requirements are met. This benefit is compared with the expense.
The calculation tool provides the necessary ecological basis to support ERZ in its decision-making and communication.


Entsorgung und Recycling Zürich (ERZ)


2016, Start 2011