Rag Pickers in Delhi (India)

Chetanalaya is an active and involved Indian NGO that tackles topics such as rights of children, youth and women, sustainable income sources and education. In the North-West of Delhi, Caritas Switzerland and Caritas India support the organisation for the implementation of their “rag picker empowerment” program, which aims at improving livelihood and working conditions of the addressed community members whose main activity is the collection and separation of waste coming from households or from the neighbouring landfill. Besides tasks such as a general quality check of selected projects of the local NGO, Carbotech helps promoting the build-up process of small companies reusing recycled materials. For instance, the creation of a paper-recycling unit is being facilitated through a technical support as well as advices on the management level. New businesses implementing innovative or well-established concepts are being developed based on previous experiences. The partnership with Carbotech is planned and has been taking place on a long-term basis.


Caritas Schweiz


2014, Start 2012