LCA of organic cotton textiles from Remei AG (2008)

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Cotton is by far the natural fibre that is produced in highest quantities in the textile industry. The world’s annual production in 2008/09 came to around 25 million tons. In order to reach these quantities, cotton is mostly cultivated in monocultures on large areas.

Organic cotton from the company Remei AG, in contrast, is cultivated on a small scale in crop rotation. The harvest is manual and the use of pesticides is proscribed. A part of the area is being irrigated. Applying LCA, the actual ecological state of the different textile chains of Remei AG was identified by considering the total determinable environmental impact of the textile manufacturing from organic cotton (from cultivation to sale). Cotton products from India and Tanzania were compared. Thereby the basis for a medium- and long-term ecological improvement of the production was developed.


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