Ecological and ecoefficient remediation measures for renovation or demolition of buildings

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Fredy Dinkel

Kurt Schläpfer

Assessment of remediation measures by means of life cycle assessment and eco efficiency analysis

Article 16 of the VVEA requires that the contractor must draw up a disposal concept for the work of the competent authority in the case of construction works for which ‘construction waste containing environmentally or harmful substances such as PCBs, PAHs, lead or asbestos’ are to be expected. In this context, questions arise as to the extent of the investigation, the type and depth of the remediation and the disposal of the contaminated building materials. Within the scope of this project, a method has been developed which allows to calculate the necessary parameters for the benefit of a remediation and the efficiency of the funds used as decision support. This method was subsequently tested against a selection of pollutants and possible changes in the examination and remediation practice.

On the basis of 20 possible changes, it was shown that the method developed within the framework of the project is suitable for providing a robust decision-making base on whether and which changes are appropriate in the remediation practice. In addition, the method can be used to detect and verify optimization potentials. In the set of scenarios examined, it was found that not all of the measures envisaged had the desired improvement.


AWEL Zürich