Introductory course in Life Cycle Assessment

Contact persons

Fredy Dinkel

Together with the FHNW and the ZHAW, we carried out a five-day introductory course in Life Cycle Assessment for FOEN experts. The aim of this training was to correctly understand and interpret Life Cycle Assessment studies. Using various practical examples, we showed the influence of important aspects on the result:

  • Choice of objective, functional unit, system boundaries
  • Dealing with data and choice of allocation methods
  • Choice of assessment method and relevance of uncertainty considerations for correct interpretation of results.

Furthermore, we deepened the importance of LCA in environmental policy and addressed new developments (PEF, EPD, PCR, CDP, SBT, etc.). At the same time, the participants carried out in-depth exercises as well as a case study (detailed analysis and interpretation of an existing LCA study).