AdvancedEPD for Fixit 222 Aerogel High Performance Insulating Render

The Fixit 222 aerogel high performance insulating render is an innovation in the field of insulating render. By using aerogel, Fixit 222 attains much lower thermal conductivity than other commercially available insulating renders, enabling older buildings, as well as historical buildings and buildings with protected status, to be rennovated to a high energy efficient standard without losing the architectural detail of the walls. Indeed, architectural details can be faithfully restored and imperfections filled to millimeter precisions.

The goal of the life cycle assessment was to calculate the environmental footprint of the Fixit 222 aerogel high performance insulating render. The results were not only reported in detail but also summarised in an AdvancedEPD (Environmental Product Declaration).

Furthermore, the energy pay-back time (insulation benefit compared with the gray energy of the insulation material) was considered in order to show the effective environmental benefit.


Fixit AG