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International Cooperation

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For more than 15 years Carbotech has implemented projects abroad and in recent years, Carbotech has expanded its activities to emerging and developing countries. We have built a team of environmental specialists, combining a wealth of practical experience across the international field with a particular focus on implementing new ideas.

Our approach

In the last 25 years, Carbotech has gained a reputation for addressing environmental questions through empirical and theoretical activities by cooperating with very diverse private and public institutions. Our primary goal is to stay as objective and neutral as possible.

With our involvement, we aim to enhance and enable project initiatives. We do not seek to impose solutions or make decisions for you, but rather to catalyse and channel ideas through the use of creative problem solving. It is vital for stakeholders to be actively involved. We approach every project with no preconceptions. We hope the developed solutions will inspire local projects.

Mutual trust, supported by regular and long-term contact is essential if projects are to be successfully established and to eventually expand and diversify.

A project may be weighed down by institutional or social constraints stifling the very empowerment they seek to create. We are experienced at uniting these competing issues to create a successful outcome.

How can we support your project?

  • Technical support, background studies and capacity building: We participate in the development of new technologies to improve livelihoods. We provide technical knowledge in environmental issues. Areas of expertise: agricultural practices, safe access to electricity, water and essential nutrients, pollutant monitoring, emissions (air, water and soil), renewable energies, waste management
  • Sustainable project start-up: We support the build-up process of small to medium-sized initiatives (businesses, local NGOs, education centres). Areas of expertise:  environmental awareness, general management skills, value-added waste recycling, food value-chain, services for sustainable water and energy access etc.
  • Quality checks and follow-up: We visit project sites for quality control and perspectives identification regarding sustainability, management, team cohesion and finances.
  • Environmental evaluations and improvements: we haveover twenty years of experiences in applying evaluation methods such as Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), Carbon or Water Footprints in order to evaluate environmental impacts and find potential for improvement.
  • Communication: We promote dialogue between stakeholders where environmental conflicts and conflicts resulting from organisational changes exist.

Our team has been working and is willing to work also in fragile areas.