Building Diagnostics

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Building diagnostics from experts: Rely on a partner with many years of experience

We at Carbotech AG are a Basel-based company with offices in Binningen (near Basel) and Zurich. In over 30 years of experience, we have increasingly specialised in the core areas of “environmental consulting” and “pollutants” over the years. Our task within the core area of building diagnostics is to carefully examine buildings for all relevant pollutants such as asbestos, PCB, CP, PAH, wood preservatives, heavy metals, radon, etc.

Numerous companies in the private sector as well as public administrations and development or environmental organisations rely on us as a reliable partner and on our precise work in the field of building diagnostics. Thus, we can proudly provide over one hundred pollutant reports annually for residential buildings, office buildings, school facilities, hospitals, industrial properties and pharmaceutical production or drinking water supply facilities.

Building diagnostics methods: Adapted to your needs

Our clients are both private and public real estate owners as well as buyers of a property or architecture firms commissioned with a conversion. As different as our clients are, so are their needs in the field of building diagnostics. Our solution: We offer you building inspections with various inspection depths. We will be happy to briefly introduce you to which procedure and which work steps are involved:

Building Scree­ning

  • Rapid determination of the relevant asbestos and PCB/CP material present (e.g. for real estate portfolios)
  • Estimate of the need for intervention
  • Prioritisation of measures

Building Check

  • De­tai­led assessment and documentation of all exposed asbestos and PCB/CP material
  • Risk assessment
  • Detailed recommendations for further procedures in the building

Building Decontamination

  • Determination of the relevant asbestos and PCB/CP material present, even if they are not directly accessible (through exploratory investigation)
  • Determination of the means of embedment of building elements and their spatial context
  • Presentation of pollutant findings and diagrams of their locations
  • Costs estimate for decontamination work
  • Base information for decontamination planning and specialist building supervision

Investigation for further pollutants

  • Ra­don
  • Wood treatment chemicals
  • PAH (Po­ly­cy­clical Aromatic Hydrocarbons)
  • Heavy Metals, and other


  • In most cases, Car­bo­tech AG sends its material samples to the company Geo­pro for analysis.