Project Planning Management

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We combine our comprehensive know-how in matters concerning pollutants with our many years of experience in the construction industry. We support the building owners, architects mandated with renovations, or general contractors, in the planning and supervision of decontamination work, at every stage of a project, from start to final acceptance.

Our services comprise the following:

Planning of pollutant removal

  • The primary focus of decontamination involves determining the base parameters, conducting technical sampling, and follow-up investigations.
  • We plan and consult throughout a pilot project, and make recommendations for further procedures.
  • After the preparation of the general plan, and costs estimate for the preliminary project, follows a detailed plan of execution.
  • We calculate the volume of pollutant findings, create operational guidelines, and formulate suitability and additional criteria for removal companies.
  • The submitted offer is examined, and the fees for services rendered agreed.

Technical supervision of pollutant removal

  • We conduct the technical supervision of the operation, including implementation of the plan and its verification.
  • We prepare preliminary plans including sampling and measurement programmes for authorities.
  • We check invoices from the various parties involved, and prepare documentation.
  • If required, our specialists can be engaged in workplace safety.

Research and Development

  • We distinguish between fibre liberation during work and new findings of asbestos-containing building materials.
  • For especially high levels of pollutant concentrations in building materials we develop and test appropriate removal techniques.
  • We advise authorities and work safety bodies concerning the preparation of guidelines.