System Modelling

Every decision by any enterprise will have consequences for the environment and other stakeholders. Nature is just as complex and dynamic a system as our economy. Sometimes decisions lead to unwanted and unforeseen side effects: biofuels may save fossil resources, but can themselves be the cause of soil and groundwater pollution. And when more agricultural land is committed to the production of fuel from plants, this has the knock-on effect of an increase in the importation of food. This leads to more traffic and higher pollutant emissions.

We can model for you different scenarios, and examine all the consequences of each, providing you with a solid foundation for decision making. We connect the dots, and reveal how even a single factor can have repercussions throughout an entire system. Besides Life Cycle Assessment that modells quantifiable systems, we use other methods, whereby:

  • the Fuz­zy Lo­gic Method is the right choice when sufficient expert knowledge is on hand, but no quantitative data,
  • the Mon­te-Car­lo Me­tho­d is suitable to demonstrate uncertainties and risks,
  • Material flow ­ana­ly­sis is used when specific material and energy flows should be taken into consideration,
  • Sys­tem­ dy­na­mics is our choice when you wish to account for and model system modifications.
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