Review of Life Cycle Assessments

The old saying “Show me your Life Cycle Assessment and I will tell you who paid for it!” may still apply in some cases. Some may say that every result in LCAs can be demonstrated. To a certain degree this is true because LCA does not licence the truth, but merely answers specific questions. In this sense, it is decisive that the system boundaries and the data inventory used match the question being addressed.

In order to guarantee the quality of the Life Cycle Assessment, a review is used. The review process is described in detail in ISO Norm 14040/44 concerning Life Cycle Assessments. In the process, an independent third party examines the LCA, verifying that:

  • the methods used correspond to the international standards
  • the methods used are scientifically and technically valid and applicable
  • the data used are appropriate and sound enough in scope for the objectives of the study
  • the conclusions cover the objectives and scope of the study
  • the report is transparent and consistent

We always apply an internal review to our own Life Cycle Assessments, and we are very experienced as external reviewers: from simple and pragmatic supervision of the studies, and discussion of the relevant aspects, to a review process conforming to ISO 14040/44.