Carbotech AG was founded in 1987 in Basel. We provide advice and support on environmental matters to companies, the public sector and other organisations. Our core activities are focussed on the sectors “Environmental Consultation” and “Pollutants”.

As part of our environmental consultation services, we provide the bases for sound decision-making through life cycle assessments, and the analysis of material flows and systems. We also provide support for international environmental projects, as well as calculations of environmental and sustainability indicators for corporations. In the sector of pollutants, we carry out measurements of gases, airborne fibres and other particulate matter, analyse material samples, and develop pollution abatement measures. Our pollutant services team investigates ambient air levels in buildings, and provides planning and monitoring services for the remediation of contaminated buildings.
Measurements and evaluation of indoor and outdoor air are within our range of expertise, as are workplace hygiene measurements.
Innovation and development are and have always been important factors in the success of Carbotech AG. Our company has gained its leading market position thanks to our clients who, like us, desire to remain at the head of their fields. The company and its members are committed to the principle of knowledge transfer, within which context we provide training for clients, presentations, and the training and further education of young environmental professionals.

Carbotech AG is owned by its staff. This independence makes us the right choice as a partner – for private companies as well as public administration, or development and environmental organisations. Today, around 30 experts from a broad range of fields – environmental sciences, chemistry, physics, architecture, civil engineering, biology and economics – work in our two offices in Basel and Zurich.

Board of Directors:
Dr. Fredy Dinkel
Fritz Jenny
Kurt Schläpfer