Building Diagnostics

We investigate buildings for As­bestos and/or PCB/CP, and every year prepare several hundred assessments of the presence of pollutants in residences, office blocks, school buildings, hospitals, industrial properties, pharmaceutical production houses, and drinking water supply plants.

Our clients are pri­va­te and public real estate proprietors, purchasers of properties, and architect studios mandated with a construction project. Since the requirements differ, we offer a range of multistage building investigations:

Building Scree­ning

  • Rapid determination of the relevant asbestos and PCB/CP material present (e.g. for real estate portfolios)
  • Estimate of the need for intervention
  • Prioritisation of measures

Building Check

  • De­tai­led assessment and documentation of all exposed asbestos and PCB/CP material
  • Risk assessment
  • Detailed recommendations for further procedures in the building

Building Decontamination

  • Determination of the relevant asbestos and PCB/CP material present, even if they are not directly accessible (through exploratory investigation)
  • Determination of the means of embedment of building elements and their spatial context
  • Presentation of pollutant findings and diagrams of their locations
  • Costs estimate for decontamination work
  • Base information for decontamination planning and specialist building supervision

Investigation for further pollutants

  • Ra­don
  • Wood treatment chemicals
  • PAH (Po­ly­cy­clical Aromatic Hydrocarbons)
  • Heavy Metals, and other


  • In most cases, Car­bo­tech AG sends its material samples to the company Geo­pro for analysis.