Monitoring and Assessment of External Air

External air testing and analysis involves primarily unrestricted pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
The classical issues require measurements of annual, monthly and weekly average values, taken by passive collectors. The measuring of air quality during construction and renovation work and odour release events, demand shorter time frames. In such si­tua­tio­ns we use active air sampling for periods of minutes to hours.

The samples taken in situ are analysed by our partner laboratory Geo­pro, using gas chromatography and mass spectrometers (GC/MS).

We offer two inexpensive standard procedures for different groups of VOCs:

  • apo­la­r VOCs (chlo­rinated hydrocarbons such aromatics, al­ka­nes and ter­pe­nes; altogether 35 substances)
  • po­la­r VOCs (alcohols, ether, ke­to­nes and es­ters; altogether 35 substances)

On the basis of preliminary data and the issue in hand, we develop the most suitable methods for the identification and measurement of pollutants. We are experienced in all common areas of air quality sampling and analytical techniques, and work with professional laboratories similarly experienced and qualified.

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Kurt Schläpfer