Testing and Assessments of Workplace Environments

The maximum permitted workplace concentrations (MWC) of a substance is the highest concentration which is not harmful to an adult during an eight-hour working day.

We carry out measurements to monitor workplaces, or to verify the effectiveness of emission reduction measures. Various sampling and testing techniques allow the air to be measured directly next to the exposed people. We test for both gaseous pollutants (solvents, acids, al­de­hy­des, mercury etc.) and dust-borne compounds (heavy metals, as­best­os fibres, etc.). We also check for the presence of particulate matter (PM10, respirable and alveoli penetrating dust, as well as nanoparticles).

We offer the following services:

  • Development of measurement strategies and plans
  • Workplace monitoring and analysis in the vicinity of exposed people
  • Monitoring of specific spaces
  • Consultation regarding the implementation of continuous monitoring and warning systems
  • Preparation of measures for the reduction of air pollutant loads

Follow-up check of the effectiveness of interventions and measures

Contact person
Kurt Schläpfer